"The More Light, The Better"

The first light ever designed for lamps

KIS Light Source

Screws into your lamp socket!

Special offer on the KIS floor lamp featuring lamplight technology

Up to 10 times more light*

for HALF the energy

  • Lamp Conversion Module
  • Reader LED bulbs (4) included
  • Booster LED Bulb included
  • Includes (1) Lamp Harp
  • 30 day free trial
  • 3 year guarantee on all parts including bulbs


+ (s + h)

* 10 X more light when compared to 60 watt equivalent LED

When we reach middle age, we need increasing light levels

60 Watt Light Bulb

The light from an incandescent bulb is scattered...mostly up and out. This spill light is worse with CFL or LED bulbs.

You Need:

  • Up to 300 footcandles for reading but you’re getting only 30 to 50 footcandles.
  • LIGHT in specific WAVELENGTHS for clarity and contrast to compensate for age related changes in vision.
  • Light with LESS GLARE from overhead fixtures and greater diffusion from light bulbs and lampshades.
Lady showing signs of Headache
Morelamplight logo
Table Lamp with moreLamplight

10 TIMES MORE LIGHT on the surface for only 32 watts. Light is directed down, with ambient light still flowing up and out.

* Footcandles are the measure of light falling on a surface