How moreLamplight Replaces a light bulb

8.5" harp included with order
(Harp should be 8.5" or taller)

Shade size  

Minimum of 5” wide at top
Minimum of 12” wide at bottom

Easy Installation

Unplug your lamp. Remove your lampshade, harp and light bulb

moreLamplight and Bulbs

Install the (4) Reader bulbs into the sockets

Screw module into your lamp socket

Insert Lamp harp (included)

moreLamplight Top View

Slots in module align with harp.

Reader bulbs are 30% smaller for optical control

Plug your lamp into outlet on the back of the dimmer plug. Dimmer cord length is 6 feet.

Plug the dimmer with your lamp’s plug installed into your outlet.

Lamp Dimmer

Slide hand held dimmer for brightness control

Optional: Hand held LED dimmer only $19.95

For more focus and brightness on your task, try your LampLight Booster bulb.

Note: It is not necessary to attach the dimmer if you will only use your lamp on high. However, you may like the convenience of a hand held switch.