“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Dylan Thomas

MyLight LLC

3260 Luvan Blvd.
Georgetown, South Carolina 29440

MyLight LLC was formed to address the rising level of consumer confusion in selecting light sources and lighting products.We believe people simply want to fill the sockets in their homes with energy efficient and long life versions of the bulbs they grew up with. These are: 40, 60, 75, 100, 150 and 3 way light bulbs. There are more, but these SIX TYPES describe the vast majority of bulb types we’d grown accustomed to.

BUT– go to any Big Box store today and you will find literally HUNDREDS of “socket filling light bulbs” in dozens of shapes and brands. With over 100 years of combined lighting experience, MyLight management is well aware of the causes and conditions which have resulted in this endless lineup of products. Our goal is to de-Mystify the lighting category and to bring you simple lighting solutions which will enable you to enjoy the benefits of recent advances in technology.

We believe the light source is not only a much needed product but also a demonstration of our competence in home lighting. You probably have at least six or more LAMPS which are everything you want aesthetically but are TECHNOLOGICALLY DEPRESSED as light sources! And isn’t the basic PURPOSE OF A LAMP to provide LIGHT? If you favor us with an order for this revolutionary light source, you will instantly see the dramatic impact a simple ENABLING lighting technology can make in your home.

If you’re not 100% satisfied that we’ve done our job, call us within 30 days and we’ll arrange for pick up and issue a refund.

CAUTION: Most of our customers order several MORE to enhance their other lamps with MORE LIGHT.

Thanks for your consideration

Meet Our Team

Lawton Rogers

Lawton Rogers COO

Lawton is a seasoned intellectual property attorney, with a JD (Georgetown University) and an LLM in patent law (George Washington University), admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Lawton has worked with John and Abbas on intellectual property since 1995, and has obtained more than one hundred patents in the lighting industry

John McEllen

John McEllen CEO

John began his career as a light bulb salesman and held management positions at General Electric, Philips and Advanced Lighting Technologies. He invented the Microsun Lamp and founded Microsun Technologies and thelightshop.com. He holds 8 lighting patents and has several patents pending.

Abbas Lamouri

Abbas Lamouri CTO

Abbas immigrated to the United States in 1984. Within 10 years, he had earned his PH.D. and began his career at NASA’s Lewis Research Center. He later was named Chief Technology Officer at Advanced Lighting Technologies and holds 10 lighting patents.