You need LIGHT - This simple invention provides more light than a 250 watt 3 way bulb ...

... while saving you over $400 ...

Table Lamp with CFL Bulb

60 watt equivalent CFL

(14 W)

Most light is delivered out and up

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(32 W)

Maximum light is delivered down and out

Table Lamp with LED Bulb

60 watt equivalent LED

(10 W)

Most light is delivered out and up

Operating Cost of Light Comparison*

250 Watt 3 Way Bulb*

  • Bulb Cost $3.29 Each
  • Lasts 1200 hours
  • Bulbs Cost over 15,000 hours: $41
  • Energy Cost over 15,000 Hours: $412.50
  • Total Cost of Light: $453.50
* This is the Brightest light bulb for lamps

32 Watt

Delivers a Higher Level of Light

Energy cost over 15,000 hours only $52.80

Net Savings $400.70*

* Based on 11¢/KWh

The First Light Designed for Lamps

More Light is Better...“why didn’t I think of that?”

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KIS Light Source

On sale for $99

Proprietary Technology... US patent 10378698 , 10422488

Lamp Comparison

60 watt LED equivalent

Lamp Comparison

32 watt

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. A 60 watt light bulb produces 800 lumens. produces 3200 lumens for only 32 watts… 7 TIMES THE EFFICIENCY

Yes, it is roughly proportionate to the level of dimming, so at 30% of illumination (900 lumens), energy is
reduced to 10 watts..

First, they do not design bulbs specifically for LAMPS! Their bulbs–incandescent, fluorescent or LED – burn
with bases down.
So their light is mostly directed AWAY from the surface beneath your lamp.
We invite comparison with any light source with respect to footcandles in the task area. Even a 250 watt
incandescent bulb yields 30% less task light than our 32 watt system.

On high, it is 32 watts; but most people dim their lamps on occasion. On average, people use less than 30
watts, but we round energy consumption to 30 for easy comparison to other bulbs.

Yes, the bulb will operate in the second or third levels of the switch. No matter what type of switch you have–
one way or 3 way–we suggest you leave the original switch on and then operate your lamp with the hand held

The Reader bulbs are now priced at $4.95. The Booster bulb is $6.95. Both bulb types are guaranteed for 3 years
but should last 5 years or longer under normal use.

Please contact us via email or by calling 1-888-211-6305
Call us with any other questions or comments. We appreciate your feedback.